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The products of Permacol (the “Supplier”), are sold subject to the supplier’s standard conditions of sale, which are included in applicable sales agreements, printed on the back side of invoices, or available upon request. Although the information, recommendations or advice contained herein is given in good faith, supplier makes no warranty or guarantee, express or implied, (I) that the results described herein will be obtained under end-use conditions, or (II) as to the effectiveness or safety of any design incorporating supplier’s products, recommendations or advice. Nothing in this or any other document shall alter, vary, supersede or operate as a waiver of any of the supplier’s standard conditions of sale.

Each user bears the full responsibility for making its own determination as to the suitability of Supplier’s products, recommendations or advice for its own particular purpose. Each user must identify and perform tests and analyses sufficient to assure it that its finished parts will be safe and suitable for use under end-use conditions. Because actual use of products by the user is beyond the control of Supplier, such use is within the exclusive responsibility of the user, and Supplier cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred through incorrect or faulty use of the products. Further, no statement contained herein concerning a possible or suggested use of any product is intended or should be construed to grant any license under any patent or other intellectual property right of Supplier, or as a recommendation for the use of such material in the infringement of any patent or other intellectual property right.