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Maybe the answer to your question is mentioned below. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts if you have an additional question!

Packaging and adapted products

Question Answer
Are small packings possible? Yes, packing possibilities are determined by types of adhesive. In principle there are a lot of possibilities for much small packagings, among other things: various cartridges and side-by-side cartridges.
Is it possible to increase / decrease the curing time of an adhesive?  That depends on the type of adhesive, ask our experts.
Is it possible to colour the adhesive or casting resin?  Yes, usually this is possible.

Permacol® product range

Does Permacol® just supply the adhesives presented on this web-site?

No, the adhesives on the web-site are a selection of our product-range, contact us for more information.

Does Permacol® supply adhesives that can handle temperatures above 200°C?

Yes, some silicones and inorganic Sauereisen adhesives.

Does Permacol® supply hotmelts?


 Practical use of adhesives

Is it possible to bond Teflon (PTFE), PE, PP, PVDF using adhesives? 

It will be difficult, but mostly possible a) after etching b) with a self-adhesive (if the requirements are not too high). Ask our experts.

Is surface treatment always needed before one wants to bond (scouring, cleaning)? 

Yes, most of the time a good treatment before gluing gives a better bonding strength. In some cases a good treatment (e.g. with primers or means of etching) is necessary. (You always have to clean and make the surface grease free and it is preferable to make it a little bit rough.)

Is tightening necessary for my bonding? 

It is often better to cure the adhesive under pressure: the layer stays as thin as possible and the connection will be as strong as possible.

Can I remove cured adhesive easily? 

We do not recommend this; it will usually not succeed with solvents. It often has to be removed mechanically. Try to remove redundant rests of adhesive as much as possible before the adhesive is cured.

Is it possible to unfix glued materials?

Yes, using mechanical force. However, there is a chance of material burst and / or damage.

Can not-cured rests of adhesive be removed? 

Yes, using a proper cloth and a solvent like ethanol it often will succeed very well.