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The Permacol® 2035Z-series are smooth, thixotropic, one component adhesives on epoxy base for SMD/SMT purposes. Adhesives of the 2035Z-series can be applied, dispensed or screen printed, without stringing and will not sag whilst curing. These thixotropic adhesives hold electronic components in position and prevent movement due to vibration even before curing.

The cured adhesive has excellent electric properties and heat resistance during soldering.

In the 2035Z-series, we supply adhesives in different viscosities, adjusted to the method applied or type of electronic component to bond. This viscosity assigned by the extensions /15, /25, /30 and /40 are:

2035Z/15 Dispensable adhesive for larger components, High dispensing temperatures possible, Stencil printing.
2035Z/25 SMD-adhesive for stencil printing. High viscosity.
2035Z/30 SMD-adhesive for stencil printing / dispensing with high viscosity.
2035Z/40 SMD-adhesive for stencil printing / dispensing.

2035Z/15 2035Z/25 2035Z/30 2035Z/40
Wet strength 1.200 Pa 1.500 Pa 1.000 Pa 1.900 Pa
Viscosity at D=30/s 23°C  65 Pa.sec 80 Pa.sec 130 Pa.sec 90 Pa.sec



It must be clear that the curing time depends on several parameters. Oven capacity, board design, type of components on Printed Circuit Board, and type of Printed Circuit Board (multilayers have higher heat capacity) can influence the cure speed.

100°C  6 minutes
125°C  2 minutes
150°C  90 seconds

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Permacol 2510

Permacol® 2510 A/B is a 2-component epoxy adhesive with excellent heat conductivity. This adhesive has been developed to be conductive to heat only and not to electrically. For example it is used as adhesion medium on heat sinks.

The 2510 is cold curing, therefore complete curing takes place at room temperature.

Technical data

Mixing ratio A : B : 100 : 100
Colour of the mixture : White/greyish
Filling : 60-70%
Viscosity A-comp : 22 Pa.s
Viscosity B-comp : 170 Pa.s
Pot life at 23°C : ca. 5-10 min
Curing time at 23°C : ca. 3 h
Curing completed 23°C : 24 h
Density mixture : 2,11 g/cm3
Heat conductivity coefficient : ~ 1 W.m.K
Volume resistivity : > 10E14 .cm
Expansion coefficient : 95x10-6 m.K
Temp resistivity : -30 to +140°C

  • Heat conductive
  • Electrical insulating
  • Curing at room temperature
  • Little shrinkage
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