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Electrically conductive adhesives

Electrically conductive adhesives are products that, after curing, have an electrically and thermally conductive connection between two surfaces/components. The adhesives are epoxy systems filled with 75-80% silver flakes, the result is a pasty product. The adhesives can be dosed or applied with templates.
Permacol develops tailor-made products for specific applications with a desired performance in use and end result.

Advantages of using electrically conductive adhesives during the production of electronic components or assembling electronics:
- Low resistivity, < 0.001Ω.cm
- Easy to dose or apply with templates
- Curing method as required (1 or 2 components)
- Good adhesion to common materials (Shear strength)

During the production of electronic components or the assembly of electronics, electrically conductive adhesives are used for:
- Repair of components or electronic systems
- Bonding of electronic components to foils
- Bonding of components that cannot be soldered (heat sensitive)
- Connections requiring good electrical conductivity
- Thermally conductive connections

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