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Adhesives for electronics

The use of adhesives is widespread in the electronics industry. From the production of electronic components, via the assembly of electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCBs), to the installation or encapsulation of electronic systems. Adhesives can be a valuable addition to any part in the process in terms of manufacturability of components or long-term stability of an electronic system.
Desired properties are very specific and aimed at use in serial production, electrical properties and the intended use of the produced electronics.

Permacol has a long tradition in the production and supply of adhesives for the electronics industry. Based on experience in the applications and composition of adhesives, products are supplied for:

  • Printed circuit board assembly, placing electronic components on PCBs (SMD adhesives)
  • Electrically conductive adhesives as solder replacement in heat-sensitive parts
  • Thermally conductive adhesives for improving heat transfer of bonded parts
  • UV curable applications, covering/coating components or printed circuit boards
  • Casting of electronic components or systems
  • Assembly of systems, construction adhesives