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UV adhesives

  • Suitable for electronics
  • Good dispensable
  • Fast curing under UV light

UV adhesives are light-curing products, clear, fast, and very suitable for glass bonding, but can also be used as a coating. In order to cure these adhesives, one of the materials to be bonded must be permeable to UV light. Permacol has developed acrylic-based UV adhesives with the great advantage of freedom of development. A toolbox has been created with these raw materials with which a customized product can be made. In addition, the acrylates used have little or no hazard labels.

Advantages of using UV adhesives during the production of electronic components or assembling electronics:
- 1-component systems, solvent-free, good shelf life
- Freedom of development in viscosity and thixotropy, adaption to application
- Fast curing under UV light, no emission during curing process
- Clear products

During the production of electronic components or assembling electronics, UV adhesives are used for:
- Fixing components and/or wires (coils)
- Coating electronic circuits
- Potting electronic circuits or components
- Lenses or LED seals

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