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UV adhesives for glass bonding

Permacol has developed a new series of adhesives especially for bonding glass. These adhesives are extremely suitable for bonding glass to glass, glass to metal and glass to plastics with a high surface energy such as polyester. Durability tests show that these adhesives, which are crystal clear, do not discolour under the influence of UV light. To be able to bond large surfaces, there is the very flexible Permacol 3525. This glue can well absorb the different shrinkage and expansion behavior of different materials.

This series of Permacol UV adhesives can be cured very quickly with high intensity (LED) UV. In addition, it is also possible to cure the adhesives - let's say it less quickly - with a simple low-intensity UV lamp.

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UV Stilleven
3527 100ml
3526 100mlen10mlspuit
3525 100ml
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