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Clear, general purpose 5-minute epoxy adhesive

Permacol® 2240 is a fast curing 2-component adhesive which has to be mixed with equal quantity.

Permacol® 2240 is slighty yellowish, somewhat flexible, gap filling and good resistance to shocks. This product is applicable to a large diversity of materials, such as metals, ceramics, glass, stone, wood, rigid plastics and such like.

Permacol® 2240 cures at room temperature, so full curing takes place at 20°C and even if it is freezing. To obtain best results, it is possible to warm up the joint to 80°C for 30 minutes.

  • General purpose epoxy 
  • Water resistant
  • Resistant to oil, grease and acids
  • Slightly resistant to shocks
  • Gap filling
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Permacol 2250

This fast curing 2-component adhesive consists of a filled epoxy resin with hardener. Permacol® 2250 is white-grey, slightly flexible, gap filling and resistant to shocks. This product is suitable for a great diversity of materials as: metals, ceramic, stone, wood and several rigid plastics.

Permacol® 2250 cures at room-temperature, therefore this product fully cures at 20°C. It cures very fast; just after 15 minutes ( depending in material and temperature) the bond may be put under stress. To obtain best results, the joints may be cured at 80°C for 30minutes.
Due to its high viscosity the adhesive is suitable for vertical bonding and thick seams.

Technical details

Mixing ratio : A:B = 1:1
Using temperature : above +5°C
Working time : 5-10min at 20)C
Setting time : approx. 5-10min. at 20°C
Complete curing time : 12h at 20°C
Colour of mixed product : grey-white
Density : approx. 1,7gr/cm³
Usage : approx. 100-200gr/m²
Viscosity : A-component: 60.000 mPa.s at 20°C
Viscosity : B-component: 90.000 mPa.s at 20°C
Temperature resistant : -30°C to +120°C

  • Suitable for vertical bonding
  • Resistant to oil, grease and acids
  • Resistant to little shocks
  • Very good gap-filling properties
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