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Permacol 2206-Series - Two component slow curing epoxy adhesive

  • Long opentime
  • Water resistant
  • Gap filling properties
  • Resistant to oil, grease, acids and shock
  • RoHS und REACH compatible

The PERMACOL 2206 A/B series are universal epoxy adhesives which can be applied for binding, repair and fill materials as: metals, ceramics, pottery, stone, crystal, ivory, gems, wood and some hard plastics as polyester, bakelite and formica.
These adhesives cure at room temperature, so full cure takes place at 20°C and even at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. The curing time will increase at temperatures below 20°C.

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Type Viscosity A Viscosity B Viscosity mix Special features
2206 A/B 8.000 mPa.s 8.500 mPa.s 10.000 mPa.s Transparant
2206-2 A/B 13.000 mPa.s 12.000 mPa.s 15.000 mPa.s Non sagging
2206-5 A/B 30.000 mPa.s 20.000 mPa.s 25.000 mPa.s Non sagging