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SMD adhesives

  • Suitable in electronics
  • High green (wet) strength
  • Fast curing

SMD adhesives (adhesives for Surface Mount Devices) are 1-component products that are applied on printed circuit boards (PCBs) via dosing or screen printing. After applying the dots of glue, electronic components can be placed and the glue can be cured at an elevated temperature.

Gluing the electronic components can have 2 purposes;
- Hold the components in place during the reflow soldering process.
- Mechanical reinforcement of the component on the PCB, preventing stress on the solder joints.

During the automated process, the adhesive properties such as viscosity, flow behaviour, wetting of the component and (wet) adhesive strength are important properties. These properties are measurable and the products have been developed with this in mind. The temperature has a major influence during the application of glue and the placement of the electronic components.

The choice of the most suitable product depends on the size/type of components, application (dosing/stencil printing), curing, and application environment.

With the SMD adhesive series 2040, Permacol has a product that complies with REACH, RohS, and without CMR labels. The Permacol 2040 series does not draw threads, has high wet tack (green strength) after component placement, a wide working temperature range, and after curing good resistance to shock and vibration, with high shear strength.

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